DealHub RefleX

e-Forex talks with Chris Leaver, COO of DealHub about the launch of the company’s new modular eFX platform DealHub RefleX.

Chris, please can you tell us a little about what DealHub RefleX is and what constitutes its core elements? DealHub RefleX provides banks and brokers with a fast, cost effective route to a high performance, customised eFX platform - one component at a time, or across the full stack. The solution consists of a flexible toolkit of eFX modules that can be configured and customised to either enhance an existing bank platform, or deliver an end-to-end solution for the complete eCommerce workflow, from liquidity sourcing, through price management and distribution, to execution, risk management and STP. Importantly, the platform makes it easy for banks to manage today’s fragmented FX market, providing out-of-the box connectivity to all key eFX channels and normalising the pre and post trade workflows so that it’s easy to manage pricing, execution and risk management across multiple trading channels – from the multi-bank portals and ECNs, to single dealer platforms, direct API customers and even...continued

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