Jonathan Brewer
Jonathan Brewer

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ISAM, the alternative asset manager, has recently announced the launch of IS Prime, its new foreign exchange brokerage service. e-Forex caught up with Jonathan Brewer, Managing Partner of IS Prime and asked him to tell us more about the venture.

Jonathan, why has ISAM decided to launch IS Prime? ISAM initially built a trading and execution business to make their own trading as cost efficient and streamlined as possible. They were allocating funds to external managers through the Fusion platform and the feeling was that those managers could also benefit from such an execution service. It soon became clear that there were other further synergies that could be leveraged by an increased involvement in the execution side of the business, particular surrounding technology infrastructure and risk management. Accordingly the decision was taken to set up a new FCA regulated brokerage firm to facilitate Fusion managers and a broad range of institutional e-FX clients. Parallels are being drawn with Lord Fink’s tenure at the Man group where the template of an asset management business working alongside a brokerage business was originally cast.  What do you see as the key advantages of the rather unique partnership you have created between a hedge...continued

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