Olga Rybalkina CEO, ForexTime
Olga Rybalkina CEO, ForexTime

The future of retail forex is China

Much has been made of the rapid growth China has undergone recently, with the country now considered an economic powerhouse, second only to the United States. Alongside this unprecedented growth has been a parallel rise in the retail forex industry, with more investors in China than ever before interested in managing their own wealth through online forex trading. Though there have been some indications of the Chinese economy slowing down in recent months, the country remains one of the highest performing economies in the world, and the investment power of the Chinese population should not be underestimated.

The sheer size of the population alone, which includes nearly 500 million internet users, makes China a market alive with potential. Recently there have also been signs that the Chinese authorities are opening up the market more, with the yuan now available to be traded directly against the euro. The hope is that this may just be the start of further potential regulatory developments that may make the Chinese market easier for retail forex brokers to operate in. While China is certainly the new hot spot for forex trading, the market is still very much evolving, particularly in terms of the level of understanding and  maturity of potential investors, as well as in the regulatory framework. This ongoing evolution presents forex companies with interesting opportunities, as well as some challenges.  Our experience in the Asian markets, particularly China, is that clients’ needs are quite different in these markets and, as such, we have tailored our approach to suit local requirements. The...continued

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