Tom Higgins
Tom Higgins

Gold-i: Helping brokers to improve business performance

Over the last six years, Gold-i has become widely known as the world leader in trading systems integration and has built an impressive client list consisting of many of the most prestigious and fastest growing brokerages across the globe.

Gold-i’s CEO, Tom Higgins explains, “The secret to the company’s success is its in-depth technical knowledge about how MT4 operates combined with a deep understanding of the technology and tools required to run a brokerage in the most effective way.”

Gold-i helps MT4 brokers with the following key business drivers:

Making More Money: Gold-i has an array of products which can be integrated with MT4 to provide brokers with an unparalleled understanding of their clients’ trading performance, enabling them to implement different strategies for different client groups as well as activate and retain clients more effectively. Products such as Gold-i Visual Edge and Gold-i Broker 360, have been developed specifically to help brokers to operate more profitably.

Cutting Costs: Running MT4 effectively at all times requires expert knowledge and downtime can be costly. Gold-i’s Managed Services enable clients to outsource all or some of their MT4 technology support, minimising downtime and cutting costs such as technology staff, self-hosting and self-management. One client cited they have saved in excess of £100,000 per year by outsourcing their hosting and server management to Gold-i. They’ve also been able to resolve server issues far quicker than ever before.

Reducing Risk:  Gold-i’s wide portfolio of risk management tools helps brokers to understand their exposure in real-time and set up alerts to mitigate risk.  Tools such as the Gold-i Position Keeper, Gold-i Margin Caller, Gold-i Rate Limit and Gold-i Quote Checker have proved invaluable in helping brokers to manage their risk more effectively. Recently added features to Gold-i Visual Edge provide brokers with a clear visual overview of their exposure to risk and an effective way of identifying their most toxic clients. 

Differentiating from Competitors: Gold-i provides access to a diverse pool of liquidity, can offer a wide range of asset classes and can integrate MT4 with virtually any other product. By providing a wealth of customisable tools, Gold-i helps brokers to set up and run their operations with a highly tailored offering.

Tips on setting up and running MT4 effectively

Ian Bunn is Head of Global Support at Gold-i and manages a team which is responsible for the smooth running of MT4 for over 140 clients worldwide. Ian and his team currently support in excess of 300 servers and operate 24 hours a day, 52 weeks of the year. Their in-depth knowledge of MT4 ensures they can help clients with all their operational needs – from setting up MT4 to proactively monitoring the systems and fixing issues should they occur.

Ian Bunn explains, “The focus of the Gold-i Support Team is on minimising downtime, pre-empting problems and resolving any issues as soon as possible.  If brokers have an issue, we can typically resolve it quickly as it is likely to be something that we have come across before.” 

Ian’s advice to any broker or bank trying to set up or manage their MT4 systems themselves is: 

Ian Bunn

Ian Bunn

1) Watch Out for MT4 Set-Up Configurations

Be aware that a small change to a symbol or group could have a major impact on the smooth running of the system.  I have often seen a change made to a system set-up which causes MT4 to stop pricing or results in trades rejected by LPs.  

Whilst one of the biggest benefits of MT4 is its flexibility as it gives users the freedom to configure symbols, groups and securities in so many different ways, this can be a negative for those who tweak it but don’t fully understand the complexities. 

When MT4 is set up correctly things run smoothly. When set up badly, it can go horribly wrong!  

2) Select the Correct Hardware 

Having MT4 running on a poorly spec’d server – such as a PC running Windows server - is also something I’ve come across a number of times, largely due to budget restrictions – and this can have a detrimental effect on the smooth running of the brokerage. The hardware costs on top of the layout for the MT4 software license can be a significant investment for brokers, particularly for start-ups. However, it’s a cost that is not worth skimping on during the set-up phase. Selecting too low a spec creates a false economy that leads to further expenditure.

3) Plan for Disaster

Generally people only think about having a recovery plan when something has gone wrong.  Despite the increasing number of DDOS attacks in the FX World, many brokers still don’t have a robust disaster recovery plan.With MT4, a number of brokers rely solely on Watchdog.  Whilst Watchdog does a reasonable job of replicating MT4 data, it is only concerned with MT4. Supplementary systems do not get backed up and this can result in a serious loss in revenue.

A full Disaster Recovery suite is an absolute necessity. Should an incident occur, a switch over can be achieved within minutes – and not the hour or so we’ve seen with Watchdog.

Gold-i offers differing levels of support to cater for different needs and budgets. In addition to Hosted & Managed Services, Gold-i helps brokers with risk management, liquidity and integration. For more information please visit