View from the Top: Stater Global Markets

e-Forex talks with Ramy Soliman, CEO, Stater Global Markets

Stater is now firmly established as a market leading Prime of Prime. How do you stand out in an increasingly competitive market?

Over the last year we have focused on building a highly credible PoP brokerage with a strong institutional infrastructure. It was really important to me that we had solid foundations in place from which to grow the business and this has meant that we’ve taken the time to assess and select the very best partners or products for every aspect of our business.

We have developed exceptionally strong liquidity and Prime Broker relationships, built partnerships with the most reputable technology providers in the industry and extended our product range beyond FX, precious metals and CFDs to include Exchange Traded Futures. We’ve also developed an MT4 White Label offering, with low latency hosting.

I believe that our small, highly experienced team helps us to stand out in the industry. We can be very nimble and are quick to respond to client requests. We can help our clients to achieve their objectives in an effective and efficient manner – for example, swift on-boarding and customised liquidity and technology. At Stater, client service is a high priority – we know all of our clients very well and we discuss opportunities for them with the whole team to ensure they get maximum benefit from partnering with us.

We have been able to create a strong identity for Stater and I certainly believe we’ve benefited from ‘the last mover advantage’ – we didn’t have any legacy systems which has meant that we’ve been able to use the latest and best technology for our clients. We have started to differentiate our product offering – not many PoPs in our space offer Exchange Traded Futures and this has helped us with client acquisition.

We are delivering on our targets in terms of volume and on-boarding, which shows that there is a genuine appetite in the industry for the service and value proposition we are offering.

What are your plans for 2018?

We are starting off by spending some time in Asia and assessing opportunities to build our client base in the region – not just in China but also in places such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Cambodia where there are real growth opportunities.

In January, Tim Connell from Stater Holdings will be visiting the region with Stater’s Operations Manager, Wei Xu. Tim’s presence reflects our investor’s commitment to Stater Global Markets and their drive to help us to grow the business.

We also plan to extend our product range, looking at further ways to differentiate ourselves in the market. 2017 was very much about creating solid foundations for Stater and we are now all set for growth in 2018.

How do you see the PoP market evolving over the next year?

I think there will be a stratification of the PoP market. Prime of Prime means different things to different people. I’ve always claimed that to be a genuine Prime of Prime you need to have a Prime Broker and offer direct access to top tier liquidity and venues which the clients would not be able to access themselves – however, not everyone who describes themselves as a Prime of Prime has a Prime Broker relationship. There are only a handful of Prime of Prime brokers in what I would describe as Tier 1 of the PoP market – and for PoPs like Stater who are at this level, I believe there will be significant opportunities to grow.