Tom Higgins
Tom Higgins

Market Trends for 2019

e-Forex talks to Tom Higgins, CEO, Gold-i about his views on market priorities for 2019 and Gold-i’s focus on helping brokers to become more profitable.

What do you consider to be the key industry trends in 2019?

In order to grow in an increasingly regulated environment, brokers need to look at new revenue streams as well as ways to enhance their existing trading environment. These factors will result in two key trends for 2019.  Firstly, there will be increasing demand for new asset classes such as cryptos. We are already seeing this in Japan where there is significant demand for both CFD and physical cryptocurrencies and I believe this will extend to other territories over the course of the year. In fact, I think cryptocurrencies will eventually be considered a mainstream and not an additional asset class. Secondly, with the rise in AI and the increasing complexities of technology, brokers will become increasingly reliant on external technology partners. Technology has become too specialist for most brokers to develop or manage in-house – it’s simply not cost-effective for them to do so.

With an increasing dependence on technology partners, what should brokers look out for to ensure they select the best partner to help them meet their needs?

Brokers need a technology partner they can trust - a partner with a responsive, round-the-clock support team. If the broker has an issue, they need to be able to speak to someone as soon as possible which is why we have invested significantly in our support operations, with offices in the UK, China and Australia.  Another priority is that brokers should select a technology partner with full multi-asset domain knowledge who can help guide their decision making process. The technology provider, therefore, needs a portfolio of products covering key areas such as liquidity management, risk management and business intelligence. 

It is vital that the technology provider continually innovates by evolving its offering, exploring new technologies and asset classes in order to create new business opportunities for its broker clients. Needless to say, Gold-i ticks all of the above boxes. Many people think we are still an MT4 bridging technology company but we have evolved to provide so much more. We now specialise in multi-asset liquidity management, advanced risk management tools and business intelligence software. We offer a range of MT4/MT5 plug-ins to enhance the capabilities of these MetaTrader platforms.

Product Focus: Gold-i Matrix 
Advanced Multi-Asset Liquidity Management Platform

Why was Matrix developed?
Gold-i developed Matrix to enable brokers who use MT4, MT5 or any FIX-based system to receive feeds for trading or pricing from multiple Liquidity Providers in multiple asset classes into a single platform. It also provides brokers with a sophisticated failover process if their primary Liquidity Provider or technology provider has a failure.

Why is it a key product for brokers?
By having all asset classes available in a single Matrix, brokers can gain insight into their execution statistics. The Matrix Insights dashboard enables brokers to analyse order routing and execution statistics. The Gold-i Matrix NETwork of Liquidity Providers provides our clients with access to the best liquidity in the market at the best prices.