Christopher Cruden
Christopher Cruden

Currency Management – A Paradigm Shift.

Who provides the best FX execution? Christopher Cruden from Tamiso, the New York based Currency Manager outlines how a “strategic alliance” has led them to some interesting answers.

Christopher L. Cruden is Managing Director of Tamiso & co LLC; a New York based Currency Manager. IFX Ltd is a primary market maker in spot and forward foreign exchange and is now ranked as one of the top non-bank foreign exchange market makers in London. The two firms have entered into a strategic alliance to provide investment management and execution services.Remember, not so long ago, when you called the FX desk to get a price or maybe just to get a market view? Remember that nice guy (I think his name was Kevin, but it could have been Sal, John or Shag) who was kind enough to give you bid/offer spreads so wide you could park a bus between them? Whatever happened to him? Personally, I miss him. I miss hearing him say, “Funds are buying,” when prices were up, and when they were down, saying, “Funds are selling.” Where, oh where, can you go to get that kind of insight these days?How very cruel and heartless of the FX industry to produce web...continued

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