FXmicropay – changing the pricing paradigm of foreign exchange

Created by RBS Financial Markets, FXmicropay provides clients with an execution foreign exchange price prior to any knowledge of the trade amount. This allows retailers to ensure the prices quoted for cross-border transactions are exact and not subject to fluctuations due to the underlying exchange rate. The solution enables removal of the ‘friction’ of cross border sales by ensuring purchasers view prices expressed in a currency of their choice and that all client payments are received in home currency. It also removes all exposure to the risk of FX price movements and with the option of applying a margin to the pricing supplied, FXmicropay enables clients to tap into a new revenue stream, including the ability to develop tailored pricing options for their different customer segments. FXmicropay’s patent pending solution provides a fully integrated foreign exchange processing capability. Incorporating real time netting and aggregation benefits across global...continued

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