JPMorgan expands its e-commerce capabilities

JPMorgan recently made available the multi-bank channel to provide liquidity to its clients via FX ALL, FX Connect and Currenex. The firm continues to provide a full scale, front-to-back office service, which has covered a wide range of products and bespoke solutions to fit its clients’ needs.The decision to extend its expertise to the multi-portal arena is as a result of client demand. As an indication of the value JPMorgan places on its client relationships, the firm will trade with clients via a client’s preferred choice of portal. The objective is to offer clients the best proprietary and multi-bank e-dealing solutions. Multi-bank portals are an integral part of JPMorgan’s overall e-commerce strategy.The firm takes pride in surrounding clients with knowledgeable people, industry insight and a global perspective - a winning combination referred to as the 360˚ relationship, which has made JPMorgan a leader in the technology industry....continued

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