Ari Laakkonen Linklaters
Ari Laakkonen Linklaters

Legal Issues and Patent related issues. What threats to FX eCommerce?

Patents can provide protection for developers of new eFX systems but can also pose a threat, particularly the business method patent. Ari Laakkonen examines the issues.

What threats to developing FX eCommerce initiatives?The developing e-forex market is focusing on the business model and the way in which e-forex is used. For example, is telephone- based price discovery still preferred? Or might e-forex markets such as the inter-dealer market find another method useful? For new e-forex development, getting the business model right will be a significant step in ensuring market acceptance.However, competition from others with similar products may prevent the developer from achieving its planned business targets or market share. But a new business system is only likely to remain proprietary if the developer can be sure that it can successfully prevent others from copying or adopting the system.Copying is a particular danger, because of the ease with which internet-based e-forex services can be accessed and distributed. Copying could take place on many levels. Even if every aspect of the business system is not copied, the philosophy, principles or basic methodology behind the...continued

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