SG launches new version of Idealforex

SG, the Corporate and Investing Banking arm of the Société Générale group, recently launched block trading services on its Idealforex website. This makes it possible for counterparties to deal multiple trades on multiple amounts with multiple value dates and various currencies at the same time. An important feature is that it allows SG clients and, in particular, fund managers to efficiently trade a series of deposits. A time-saver, it also decreases spread costs while adding up different deals.This new service adds to the already wide range of services offered by SG via, from pre-trade services (research, charts, various data, indicative rates, forex options pricing tool…) to post-trade services (consultation of deals done with SG and their valuation), while being able to deal spot, many types of forwards, money-market trades and more.Idealforex was launched one and a half-years ago, and has been a success story with clients throughout Europe....continued

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