Tom Buschman Development Manager
Tom Buschman Development Manager

TWIST – an update.

We ask Tom Buschman, who is leading the TWIST industry standard initiative, for another update on its progress.

We asked Tom Buschman, Shell Treasury Centre Development Manager and leading the TWIST industry standard initiative, to provide an update on this integration standards initiative, which is formed by many influential market players in the FX marketplace.Both banks and their clients have an interest in ensuring a financial market place, which allows its participants to transact efficiently and with low operational risks. In particular foreign exchange (FX) and cash market instruments are commodity products, transacted in fragmented markets with a need to connect many liquidity providers at various locations and their clients. Further, considerable human intervention is required for the initiation, execution, confirmation, netting and settlement of the transactions concerned. Where transacted amounts can be high and urgent processing often is required, controls need to be very strict around both execution and settlement.“Without commonly agreed standards, no individual trading platform, matching...continued

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