Anish Malhotra Bloomberg, L.P.
Anish Malhotra Bloomberg, L.P.

A Single Desktop Solution for the Pre-trade, Trade and Post-trade Process

Anish Malhotra illustrates how Bloomberg has gone about fulfilling its vision of offering all components of their product through a single platform for a single price.

Desk real estate is an ever-increasing problem, with more products available for the FX professional to buy and use for each part of the trade process than ever before. This type of fragmented approach has presented financial institutions and corporations with bandwidth capacity and integration problems, and individual users within those organizations with practical problems, such as ease of use, customization and screen space. Coupled with a tough global economic environment and shrinking margins in the foreign exchange business, FX professionals, like all others, are being forced to rigorously assess the cost of each system they purchase or lease, as well as whether or not their usage and reliance on those products justify their direct and indirect cost.In such an environment, delivering a superior quality product with a simple and competitive price structure presents an attractive proposition for FX professionals. It is, however, imperative that the competitiveness of our product is based not just on...continued

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