Yaacov Heidingsfeld COO, PFS TraderTools LLC
Yaacov Heidingsfeld COO, PFS TraderTools LLC

Creating a real-time STP environment for eFX

By utilising existing technology and standard published API’s, institutions can create a truly electronic Straight-Through-Process for their long term eFX strategy maintains Yaacov Heidingsfeld.

If you are anything like me, you receive e-mails, read articles and attend project meetings that refer to STP (Straight Through Processing) as the Utopia of workflow solutions. These e-mails and articles seem to suggest that STP is the “only” thing keeping your organization from being the picture of efficiency. At the project meetings you attend the main topic is why haven't you completed that STP project for your financial institution? The obvious question, if STP is so great, why after all this time is (almost) everyone still talking about it, with few if any having implemented it?The answer may lay in a book by Carlota Perez, a researcher at Britain's University of Sussex, called “Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital: The Dynamics of Bubbles and Golden Ages” published late last year. (Edward Elgar, 2002). The author suggests that technological revolutions have two consecutive lives. The first, which she calls the...continued

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