FairEx commissions Tokyo data center as business expands

FairEx International Financial Systems (FairEx), a leader in FX auto dealing technologies and white-label solutions, has scaled its service infrastructure outwards from Singapore and Hong Kong with the commissioning of its new digital service touch points in Tokyo, the heart of Japan’s financial market. The Tokyo data center has demonstrated FairEx’s commitment and allows it to permeate Japan via high-speed Internet connectivity to achieve maximum throughput. Financial institutions such as banks and brokers will now be able to leverage on FairEx infrastructure as part of a larger global value delivery network for extending their business scope within Japan. This additional facility and infrastructure in Tokyo serves as the foundation to support continued business evolutions as well as new initiatives made possible through FairEx’s value propositions and patented business model. FairEx currently operates several white-labeled e-FX platforms in Asia, and the...continued

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