Muhammad Al-Amin Rasoul General ManagerGlobal Forex Trading
Muhammad Al-Amin Rasoul General ManagerGlobal Forex Trading

How can a financial institution optimize the end user workspace?

There are lots of good trading platforms out there, but at the end of the day you only have so much screen space to realistically use and choose from. Muhammad Al-Amin Rasoul provides some answers.

Space is everything.The value of space can be seen in many areas of life and business. From buying personal property in the real estate market to paying for advertising space, we see that space holds monetary value. Space could potentially be one of the hottest commodities in today's trading markets.For a trading firm it is no different. Getting your product in front of your clients, proving your value to the clients, and enabling traders with new and effective technology are some of the highest priorities for any financial institution.While these criteria are also important to the active foreign exchange professional, it really boils down to information, information and more information. Price discovery, trade execution, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and news in the marketplace make up the major items that today's foreign exchange gladiators thirst for to give them that edge they need.With this multitude of information comes time and space. How does one manage the seemingly infinite amount of...continued

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