Trema launches Pricing KIT

Trema has launched Pricing KIT, its new front office pricing module. Pricing KIT gives Trema Finance KIT users access to the price of any financial instrument handled by Finance KIT and also enables users to make comparisons of market quotes. Two multinational corporates have already purchased the module and will be implementing it with the latest version of Trema Finance KIT.Trema has built on the existing pricing functionality available in Trema Finance KIT to offer Pricing KIT, which was developed using Trema's object-oriented application programming interface (API), comKIT. The use of comKIT to develop this solution has not only significantly reduced the system's development time but also enables it to integrate seamlessly with Trema Finance KIT. As a completely integrated module, all Finance KIT figures are automatically updated in Pricing KIT. The solution combines the extensive functionality of Finance KIT's calculation engine with a fast and stable numerical algorithm, the Brent's method, to quickly...continued

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