Coors goes live with FXpress FIRST

FXpress Corporation has announced that Adolph Coors Company, one of the world's largest brewing companies, has gone live with FIRST (FXpress Integrated Risk System for Treasury), the new Web-based treasury management system from FXpress. FIRST is a fully integrated online system for managing debt & investment, foreign exchange and commodity exposure. The debt & investment module was released in November, while the foreign exchange and commodities modules will follow in summer 2004.FIRST's complete debt and investment risk management system allows corporates to audit every aspect of interest-rate-based exposure. FIRST offers complete front to back office functionality for both net investors and borrowers. The system captures all aspects of treasury operation, including deal capture, pricing, event management, cash flow forecasting, fee amortization, interest accruals, confirmations, accounting entries, and complete FAS 133 calculations....continued

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