Tomas Zikas Sales Manager, Trayport Ltd
Tomas Zikas Sales Manager, Trayport Ltd

Electronic Trading in the Multi-Currency, Multi-Asset Class environment

Trayport has been providing rules-based transaction technology since 1998 and Tom Zikas tells us about its Global Vision product.

Technology drives the growth and pace of change in financial trading. Exchanges, Inter-Dealer Broker screens, Multi-Bank platforms, ECNs, Single-Bank portals, Data Vendors, and Middleware providers enable an ever deeper pool of participants to plug into the mainstream trading markets, improving transparency and increasing liquidity. Nevertheless, this blitzkrieg of technology has left in its wake a tangle of wires, disjointed solutions and interoperability problems.The job of sorting out this patchy infrastructure lies with the IT managers. And the rewards for doing this are substantial. The challenge facing the financial industry today is to seamlessly manage the vast array of financial products which has been created by the participants over the past few years. To be competitive, an institution must be able to view, value, trade and risk manage positions in real time across any product type. Technology is key to this and must be the enabler, not the limiting factor.Evolution of technology Progress in...continued

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