Paddy Osborn Director at TraderMade
Paddy Osborn Director at TraderMade

Enhancing FX Technical Research with innovative use of web technology

How is real-time delivery of research now achievable and what benefits does it bring? Paddy Osborn provides some of the answers.

Bank clients want access to information that is easy to handle. It is vital that access to research is quick and easy. It will increase the probability that the product is read by the client and appreciated on a regular basis. Hence, the bank will benefit from an additional service tool, while enhancing its chances to capture the client’s business.Competitors are using a multitude of tools in order to capture FX business, which is mainly driven by Funds, CTA's, Corporates and of course Central Banks. One of the preferred products is high quality FX research and advisory services.Until recently, technical analysis research was not fully appreciated. However, it has gained remarkable respect from all market participants, including economists and strategists to compare price history and, in particular, to predict future currency levels and targets.In my mind, there are two reasons for this. 1) The extensive education by technical professionals and rising awareness of the importance of such...continued

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