Jon Martin Managing Partner at Stentra
Jon Martin Managing Partner at Stentra

e-FX - a catalyst for improving Global Order Management

Jon Martin examines the business case for e-FX Order management and outlines why an integrated e-FX Order Management capability creates pressure on optimising efficiencies within the sales and trading lines.

Over the past three years within all the tiers of the sell side community, there have been varying levels of investment in FX electronic trading, predominantly surrounding fundamental execution and pricing capabilities. These have continued to evolve and have been through cyclical investment programmes to leap-frog or keep pace with their competitors - only to be on par or ahead of the game for a brief period. These are driven by continuing client demands to provide additional services centred around the capabilities such as streaming executable rates (SER), direct connectivity through API integration, on-line FX Options, Algorithmic Trading, Outsourcing as well as eFX Order Management.Priorities have been driven by client requirements and the competition, as well as the cost to develop and deploy functionality. The ability to maintain or increase flow has focused banks on SER and APIs. FX Options, Order management and Outsourcing are being heavily scrutinised for their return on investment and are often...continued

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