Introducing Laddered Pricing:a powerful client facing tool

Deutsche Bank is an acknowledged market leader* in providing liquidity in the FX markets, and we recently launched Laddered Pricing to add to our comprehensive suite of products and functionality. Laddered Pricing is an exciting new feature available within Deutsche Bank’s proprietary GUI application autobahnFX and it is also available via our new Rates API product, which in itself is available in JAVA, FIX or Excel format.Laddered Pricing is a bespoke feature that allows our clients to configure and display real time, truly streaming prices for different amounts in over 180 currency pairs. They access the ladders from within their Liquidity Window feature which supports Spot or Outright trading for up to 100 mio notional in some of the Major currency pairs. Each amount configured is displayed via “rungs” on the ladder and each is priced dynamically to show the correct spread for the amount in the currency pair that has been configured by the client. Users can...continued

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