Frances Maguire
Frances Maguire

Marketplace: The battle over e-FX market share: bucking the trend?

Frances Maguire reports on the continuing battle over market share between the banks and the FX portals which both claim they are winning.

Although the FX portals have become well established now, the battle over market share still continues between the banks and the portals with both claiming they are winning. As Frances Maguire reports, it still remains a case of ‘horses for courses’Research carried out by Barclays Capital at the beginning of this year shows a new trend emerging in the eFX market. The survey it carried out indicates that electronic trading users are reverting back to single bank systems for the pre and post-trade services that the banks offer. Barclays Capital surveyed a total of 800 financial professionals who use electronic platforms to trade products such as foreign exchange, fixed income and commodities and found that users preferred single-dealer trading platforms over multi-dealer systems.Nearly 50% of respondents indicated that they use only single-dealer platforms for electronic execution. Only 16% use multi-dealer platforms exclusively, while 34% execute on both types.This bucks the...continued

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