eSignal 10.1

eSignal represents one of the most comprehensive and powerful all round analytical and order entry packages on the market today for the FX trader. The release of eSignal 10.1 further increases the power of the product offering, by adding The TradeManager, a DOM / ladder order ticket entry to a number of major FX (and other) brokers. With comprehensive charting, user defined order entry and execution, custom indicators and back testing, as well as the powerful eSignal Advanced GET (Gann Elliott Techniques) Edition, it makes for a formidable offering to both the professional and advanced retail markets.

New Features Summary Use of the DOM order style has been concentrated more in the futures markets to date, but with the release of eSignal 10.1 more forex traders may be encouraged to try out this technology in the FX market as it has made a major difference to the speed and convenience of order entry for many futures traders. Other new features in eSignal 10.1 include faster data loading, lower system overhead and more advanced error tracking and reporting. The new version also includes a “Diagnostic Tool”, which will help to streamline the product support process by summarizing many of the items critical to the smooth operation of the package. These include full trace reports from location back to the eSignal servers, system usage and power, LAN parameters, critical Port Status and other information. Our comprehensive test revealed this version of eSignal to be noticeably quicker and more reliable than the previous version. The new version also includes a consolidated main...continued

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