Corey Edens CFO/COO of FiREapps
Corey Edens CFO/COO of FiREapps

Is your FX data relationship going sour?

Corey Edens, CFO/COO of FiREapps looks at how new technologies and methodologies transform data into reliable FX information to protect corporate value

When it comes to protecting the value of multinational companies from foreign currency volatility, treasurers understand that the job they do can only be as good as the data they have to work with. Unfortunately, when asked, most treasurers will admit that they have little confidence in that data—and little recourse. Thankfully, that situation is improving with the advent of new enterprise software technologies and methodologies that help companies aggregate and validate business system data, then provide the necessary context to transform it into information that treasurers use as the base data to support their foreign currency exposure analysis and related risk mitigating decisions. For companies who take a traditional, siloed approach to managing FX exposure, there are a number of obstacles that stand in the treasurer’s way. The first problem is that treasurers rarely have visibility to, and almost never have control over, the transaction currency data they need to do their jobs. The...continued

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