Profile: MB Trading: A Competitive Niche

MB Trading (Manhattan Beach Trading, Inc.) was founded in 1999 by Ross Ditlove and institutional broker Steve Demarest. It occupies a valuable space in the FX broking space, by acting as an ECN broker for minimum account sizes as low as $400, thus allowing the retail client a chance at competing in a very low spreads environment normally reserved for bigger players. Recently, MB Trading acquired introducing agent EFX Group LLC, thus consolidating the group further.

The advantage of ECN brokers is that they do not discourage scalping and do not trade against the client. They do not charge spreads as such, thus passing very low spreads from different competing contributors onto the client. They make money by charging commissions rather than by matching the difference between what the client pays and the market. MB Trading’s customers are represented just like a bank or any other contributor in the system. Customer orders are routed via MBTX, which intelligently scans market makers, ECNs, exchanges, and dark pools of liquidity for the best available execution price. One of these pools, is partly owned by MB Trading Inc. For a seasoned forex scalper this “best price” execution ability can be invaluable, as spreads on a number of currencies all but disappear at certain times allowing the scalper to take advantage of micro swings in the price. MB Navigator MB Navigator is MB Trading’s multi asset customer platform. Its...continued

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