PROFILE – United World Capital

e-Forex talks with Jamal Fakhory, Managing Director of United World Capital, a leading provider of online FX trading services for Retail and Institutional investors.

Jamal, United World Capital (UWC) is an extremely fast growing forex company. What's making your business so attractive to clients? Considering that United World Capital was only established in 2008 as a privately-held company, the measure of our success is that we have now a growing client base in over 140 countries. This is a vindication of our vision to provide investment executives with superior service, cutting-edge technology and innovative products. We are equally convinced that our long term commercial interests are best served by placing the client and their needs at the heart of all we do. It’s that simple!We are driven not just by a desire to succeed but a determination to be known and respected as the premier brand in online trading. This means taking an uncompromising approach to the standards of customer service  – and making sure that we are truly ahead of the game in new product development. The hallmark of a brand leader is that they operate at the leading edge of their...continued

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