Frances Maguire
Frances Maguire

Technology and product innovation: opening up new opportunities with FX options

While increasing use of electronically traded options is gradually redefining what is regarded vanilla and exotic, the move towards the development of an ECN for FX options, and the current regulatory debate around central clearing all point to one conclusion: watch this space. Where once, the more complex options’ structures seemed to be resigned to remain either RFQ or voice-based, this mindset is slowly being eroded as technology advances and the ease of use of options’ systems increases.

Retail FX option perspectives Joe Cunningham, chairman of FX Bridge Technologies, provider of combined FX spot, CFDs, and options trading software says “One of the big complaints of Retail FX customers is their only risk management tool is stop orders and even when they are right about the directional move of the market they frequently lose money because they keep getting stopped out. Retail FX customers are now demanding the same risk management tools and trading strategies they have for equities and futures: standardized put and call options. He goes on, “Retail traders already understand “exchange-style” vanilla options and they will know how to work with them immediately in FX.”FX Bridge has just released the latest edition of its FX dealing platform ProTrader Plus™ (PTP 5.0), which features a completely new graphical user interface (GUI) and other significant user enhancements. Among other new features, dealers get a customer alerting, communication, and monitoring...continued

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