Generation Y - spawning the new generation of Social Forex sales?

Without doubt the markets never stand still and as FX market participants, we are no different in having to keep pace with ideas, technology and the like. What is striking is that the question being asked is what might the next generation of FX salesperson begin to look like and what skills do they need to succeed? The biggest single driver affecting this is Social Media-come-Social-Forex.

The ‘20 somethings’ have now been living in the Social Media and gaming world for their whole lives and see nothing strange in opening up conversations and relationships via online channels. They may never meet in the majority of cases, but that has never stopped them thinking people they meet online could become their closest friends, in fact a very recent study from an unlikely source, the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, found users of Social Media sites have 121 online friends compared with 55 physical friends. Now one might say that this is a distinct group that finds a person with the same challenges in life, in this case an illness, but then in business life do we act much differently?  For example in FX, we are wanting and needing to do business and keep our professional options open, so nothing much different here. Multitude of online channels Stefan Basiuk Co-Founder at LetstalkFX says that with the multitude of channels available from networks like LetstalkFX, LinkedIn etc, as well as...continued

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