MB Trading: where customer service lives up to its name

e-Forex talks with Ross Ditlove, CEO of MB Trading

Ross, you founded MB Trading in 1999. In what ways has your business model evolved since that time and why do you think it’s now proving so attractive to clients? Steve Demarest and I co-founded MB Trading as an equity-side trading firm. Our goal was to provide customers with a trading experience that leveraged emerging trading technologies yet kept execution costs low. We specialized in “smart” or algorithmic routing of orders utilizing ECNs and other destinations. We added futures and options trading to the mix all while maintaining a low customer trading cost. Along the way we were innovators in offering multiple server-sided order types, API’s for developers, sub-pips to the retail Forex community as well as a host of other new offerings and technologies.  In 2006, we added Forex to the company’s product mix. From the start we wanted to stay true to our roots and remain an agency type broker.  We built an FX system which minimized many of the liabilities that the...continued

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