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Manuel Heyden, CEO and founder of ayondo GmbH, talks to e-Forex about why this social trading platform is proving so popular amongst the online trading and investment community.

Manuel, when was ayondo launched and why did you decide to develop the platform? On the 24th of April 2009 ayondo went live. Before that we had a 12-month development phase. We wanted to be sure that the platform was running smoothly from the start without errors. That was crucial because the idea is simple: the best traders are fighting to win the favour of all active investors. My co-founder Julian Handte and I launched the company because we ourselves are traders and have seen how beginners in trading fail again and again. I myself worked previously at ABN Amro in the development of the market index trading platform and studied behavioral finance intensively. From the theory and practice we knew that there are a few hidden champions in trading. The task was: how can we make their profitable know-how available for everyone. The solution is ayondo. The main ayondo landing page What instruments are currently traded on ayondo and what product levels do you offer? On ayondo traders can trade CFDs on the...continued

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