CommexFx - working to provide a better FX trading environment

A lot of exciting business developments and product launches have recently been taking place at CommexFx. Can you tell us more about these?

The currency markets have been biased towards large-scale traders for far too long and the depth of products we can offer our clients brings near inter-bank trading within reach of the retail investor. 

As an ECN, there is no conflict of interest with our clients and we never trade against our clients. Our best interest as a company lies with profitable traders who will be with us for the long-term.

Implementing deep liquidity and giving our traders access to one-click platforms like CTrader as well as the industry standard MT4 makes for far better customer satisfaction and trade execution.

In what ways is CommexFx working to give investors a better and more productive trading environment?

You have to understand that as an ECN we are essentially a technology provider. We’re a broker in the real sense of the term. We don’t take sides and we always work with the best interests of our clients in mind.

Investors need to know that they are trading on a transparent model. No hidden fees, no dreaded re-quotes and above all, a fully regulated trading environment.

Safeguarding our traders is paramount and for CommexFx that means that segregated accounts and membership of the ICF (Investors Compensation Fund) are part of our regulatory environment.

What types of account do you offer and what instruments can be traded with your firm?

First of all we need to point out one fact about all the CommexFx accounts. All regularly traded accounts of any size are swap free. That’s a starting point for us and goes back to our wish to level the playing field for all our traders.

As far as account levels go, traders can experience the CommexFx advantages from as little as $1 deposit.

Keep in mind the ECN part. Our bottom line comes from volume and fees generated on client trades so clients can open a trading account with whatever level they feel comfortable with all the way up to institutional accounts which have a $100,000 minimum.

We offer micro lots and leverage from 100:1 up to to 400:1. CommexFx clients can trade forex, spot metals and CFDs.

What plans does CommexFx have for expanding its business operations and extending the current range of your products and services?

I’ve already touched on one aspect and that was extending our list of traded instruments. Everything we do is client orientated and everything we do has to work for all our clients.

Just as an example, if you’re trading the EURUSD on MT4 on a brand new PC and with a super-fast internet connection then the execution should be the same for somebody trading the EURUSD on MT4 on a slow PC and with a slow internet connection.

That goes back to the technology side of what we do.