Gold-i Gate Link – A unique real-time back office integration product

Leading trading systems integrator, Gold-i has risen to the forefront of the industry by spotting gaps in the market and developing products for which there is a genuine need amongst brokers.

Gold-i Gate Link –  A unique real-time back office integration product

To enable brokers to integrate MetaTrader with back/middle office and CRM solutions, Gold-i developed the Gold-i Gate Link. It is a unique product which allows full integration with the broker’s bought-in or in-house back/middle office systems and CRM solutions – all in real-time.

With the combination of Gold-i’s super low latency Gold-i Gate Bridge and its post trade integration product, the Gold-i Gate Link, Gold-i is the first company in the world to offer complete liquidity provider and back office integration in real time. This has enabled many regulated companies to enter the FX and CFD market, which would otherwise have been impossible. 

Reliable and Robust

The Gold-i Gate Link has been built with full awareness that communication can go wrong between disparate systems. Every message is therefore logged and not marked as successfully stored by the back office until the back office sends a positive acknowledgement.

Tom Higgins, CEO of Gold-i comments, “The Gold-i Gate Link has been popular amongst brokers because all communication is in real-time, with no polling or file-based transfer, resulting in a lightning-fast interface, with a typical latency of 1ms. In addition, the Gold-i Gate Bridge and Gold-i Gate Link are highly scalable. They will work with any asset class in retail and institutional trading, on a global basis.”

Two Way Trading Data Synchronization

The Gold-i Gate Link allows two-way trading data synchronization. Typically clients use the Link to send new trades, trade modifications and cancellations, commissions, balance adjustments, account creations and account modifications from MetaTrader to the back office. The back office sends details of account creation, balance adjustment and trade bookings to MetaTrader. Account and trade reconciliation can also be managed on a real-time or periodic basis.

In line with Gold-i’s strategy of continual innovation, Gold-i plans to add a payment option to the Gold-i Gate Link, enabling automated transfer of payments in and out of the systems in all currencies. This will remove the current need of having to make payments manually out of the system.

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Sucden Financial, which offers white label solutions and multi product STP liquidity to retail brokers across the globe, has been a Gold-i client for over two years. When they decided to offer MetaTrader4 to retail FX brokers, they researched the market and selected the combination of the Gold-i Gate Bridge and the Gold-i Gate Link. 

Jonathan Brewer, Head of eFX Sales at Sucden Financial explains, “When we first interacted with Gold-i, we were new to MT4 and felt Gold-i had the necessary expertise to help us deliver a competitive product to market in a short time period. The Gold-i Gate Bridge is rich in functionality and an essential cog in the machinery we offer to clients. The Gold-i Gate Link has proved to be a very fast and highly reliable post trade integration tool.  Both products help us to provide a very successful offering to retail FX brokers – a market which we had not targeted before. Gold-i is quick and responsive to customer service enquiries and has also tailored their products to meet some very specific customisation requirements for us.”