Peter Kriskinans
Peter Kriskinans

Technology - helping to meet the challenges of electronic FX

With Peter Kriskinans, Managing Director of DealHub, one of the leading providers of financial market software solutions.

Peter, the DealHub product suite was first launched back in 1997. Since then, why have so many of the worlds top FX dealing banks chosen DealHub to support their e-trading and trade processing requirements? DealHub was born 15 years ago, out of a close collaboration with a large Swiss bank – and since then, we’ve never lost sight of the importance of deep engagement with our customers.  Over the years, we’ve worked side by side with clients to build a profound understanding of their workflows, developing products that solve real issues and work seamlessly with in house systems.  I think a key reason for our success is that we offer the kind of convenience you’re looking for when buying an off the shelf product from a vendor, with the integration and performance you might expect from a bespoke solution.   We’ve also kept a very sharp eye on speed and reliability as we’ve built out our solutions, always looking to improve performance, streamline our...continued

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