Frances Faulds
Frances Faulds

Beyond regulatory compliance harnessing the extra value from FX Trade Repositories

With trade repositories (TRs) set to become part of the FX landscape Frances Faulds looks beyond the reporting side at some of the added-value services these institutions are developing.

The trade repository will become an important utility both for the industry and the regulators. However, as well as being a central hub between counterparties, clearing and trading venues, a trade repository is also well placed to extend core services to offer a variety of added-value products such as centralised collateral management, electronic confirmation and third-party exposure valuation services. David Retana, Managing Director of REGIS-TR, the Iberclear/Clearstream joint venture, says that trade repositories in Europe will play an important role, not only in response to the regulators’ needs for increased transparency, but in their role as data warehouses and this for the market participants’ benefit. Indeed, data stored with the TRs can be used to feed other platforms providing post-trading services, such as collateral management, portfolio reconciliation, exposure valuation to name but a few.  He says: “Many firms trading derivatives will have to fulfill not only a...continued

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