FastMatch delivering a new standard of trading transparency in FX

e-Forex talks with Dmitri Galinov, Chief Executive Officer at FastMatch, the exciting new matching system for spot FX.

Dmitri GalinovDmitri, what factors influenced the decision to launch FastMatch?  In FastMatch we saw a great opportunity to bring modern trading technology from Equities into FX and spot metals trading. Another factor was an ability to get a small number of complimentary strategic partners together: Credit Suisse that contributed state of the art Crossfinder matching engine technology, FXCM that contributed their institutional and retail flow, and BNY Mellon that contributed their custodial flow. How would you describe the paramount mission objectives of the platform?  The objective of FastMatch is to offer access to large pools of diversified liquidity via flexible and robust technology in a transparent matter. FastMatch strives to deliver its customers real time quote and trade information.What makes your ECN such an attractive trading venue for increasing numbers of FX market participants?  The most attractive feature of FastMatch is its liquidity. FastMatch offers to traders an...continued

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