Forex Time. Making a real difference in Retail FX

Olga Rybalkina, CEO of ForexTime, outlines why her firm aims to raise the industry standards in Retail FX and how the launch of FXTM PAMM will spearhead the company’s growth strategy.

“With the plans we have in store for the near future, we intend on widening investment opportunities for our clients and offering them even more unique portals to the industry than we do already. The steps we will take to maintain our high standards and meet our mission objectives are the same steps we have vowed to stay true to from the beginning…” In the early days of the founding of ForexTime, I was asked what the character of this new company would be like. My answer was that its character would be young, fresh, ambitious and innovative. Innovation as I interpret it is not only realized through the construction and development of new products, but through the transformation and improvement of existing ones. In a market where clients’ needs become more demanding by the minute, the only way forward is not just to meet those needs, but to exceed them. Consequently, the aim of ForexTime is not just to offer traditional forex services, but to revolutionize them; to become a...continued

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