FXSpotStream a fast and transparent price aggregation service offering no cost execution and economies of scale

e-Forex talks with Alan F. Schwarz, CEO of FXSpotStream LLC, the fast growing technology and infrastructure company which provides a multibank spot FX price aggregation service

Alan, why was the decision taken to launch FXSpotStream and was the timing right for it? Yes, we think the timing was exactly right. There were several reasons supporting the launch of FXSpotStream, but key reasons were reducing costs for liquidity providers and clients and creating efficiencies for all parties involved. At the same time we increase transparency between the counterparties and preserve the bank to client bilateral trading relationship. FXSpotStream provides a multibank FX aggregation service to clients for the purpose of executing Spot FX trades. How does your infrastructure facilitate this? Our infrastructure is located in three centers – New York, London and Tokyo. We have written to the APIs of each of the 8 liquidity providers that are currently part of the FXSpotStream Service and have been certified on each of those APIs.  Our clients write to our FIX API once and they then have the ability to transact globally with as many liquidity providers as they have a counterparty...continued

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