Top class technology. Lowering risk and easing the FX brokers path towards increased sales and client acquisition

The phenomenally massive industry that is electronic foreign exchange trading demands nothing but the best software, hardware and trading infrastructure. This is particularly true for both Retail and Institutional FX brokerages where top class technology can lower risk and ease a broker’s path towards increased sales and client acquisition. However, as Heather McLean discovers, finding and choosing the most appropriate technology is no simple feat.

Increasing numbers of FX brokers are being forced to re-evaluate their core trading infrastructures and operational procedures. Andrew Ralich, CEO at oneZero, believes there are two primary reasons for this. He explains: “As global markets mature, so do the regulations that govern how a broker must operate their business. A trend towards transparency in execution for clients and strict regulatory reporting on trades lends itself to a more developed infrastructure in terms of STP processing, back office reporting and risk management. Third party providers who have developed such solutions for markets such as the US (NFA), UK (FSA) and Japan (j-FSA) are therefore already positioned to provide such facilities into new markets where the regulation is demanding more from brokers. “ “The other factor that influences brokers’ moves towards outsourced infrastructure and operations is sophistication, which has two sides: client sophistication and broker sophistication,” says Ralich....continued

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