Manfred Wiebogen ACI Honorary President
Manfred Wiebogen ACI Honorary President

China – taking the first steps towards more open financial markets

I want to talk about the efforts China has been making to set up rules and regulations for its Financial Industry but will first comment about the FX business continuing to dominate many headlines around the world.

Reported fines relating to commodities and foreign exchange rigging have once again cast a shadow across the industry. We also learn that some leading Financial Institutions are not only shrinking their balance sheets and reducing their investment banking activities but also laying-off staff. Some newspapers are now reporting that FX traders are increasingly being replaced by computers as the electronic trading revolution continues to pick up speed and regulatory pressures build up. These alleged bank scandals and ongoing investigations by regulators are worrying developments for the global financial markets and must create negative sentiment amongst investors.Foreign Exchange has traditionally experienced good volatility but traders have learned how to navigate the markets when this isn’t the case and also handle the risks and challenges of a fast evolving market that has undergone extraordinary operational, infrastructure and technology changes over the last few years. Despite all these changes taking...continued

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