Cutting through the noise - leveraging web content curation for FX trading applications

Emmett Kilduff, CEO and founder of Eagle Alpha, explains the concept of content curation. He also outlines how companies specialised in monitoring and filtering digital information from a wide variety of social media, news sources, websites, forums and chat rooms across the web can provide deeper market insights and actionable data for high performance FX trading firms looking to build alpha generating strategies and trading models.

The euro zone’s bail-out of Cyprus in the early hours of Saturday morning 16 March 2013 came as a big surprise. The event is remembered today however for how it highlighted the importance of Twitter as a source of information for Wall Street. There was a long delay, until Monday morning, before any investment bank issued research on the topic so traders’ attention turned to the social media platform to quench their thirst. On this occasion Twitter proved itself to be a more useful source of serious analysis than Wall Street. As standards and rules for publishing research on Wall Street are being tightened social media is filling the void. Information, and particularly the latest information, has the potential to give traders an edge. It is becoming more and more common for news to hit the web before being picked up by traditional news wires. Tools therefore that enable firms to efficiently filter and leverage credible online information are crucial to the trading of currencies.The problem Why are...continued

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