From conflict to collaboration - how client relationships are changing across the e-FX trading environment

With Ty Danco, CEO of Buyside FX, Alan F. Schwarz, CEO of FXSpotStream, David Vincent, CEO of smartTrade Technologies and Justyn Trenner, Global of Head of Liquidity Optimization at EBS.

   Ty Danco  Alan F. Schwarz      David Vincent  Justyn Trenner Do you think that despite the clear and demonstrable benefits of electronic trading it may have created certain barriers between some clients and their FX providers and if so, what efforts need to be made to pull these down? TD: Most barriers created by electronic trading can be dealt with through one simple measure: eschewing anonymity in favour of trading on a fully disclosed basis. LPs routinely give better prices via “relationship pricing.” But both buy-side and sell-side benefit by using venues that allow for full information--most importantly, identity.A way to further enhance communication between the buy- and sell-side is via reports that allow both sides to evaluate the value of FX business done to date. Why shouldn’t the buy-side firms simply push a button and send a pre-formatted report to their liquidity providers on a regular basis? This report...continued

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