From TCA to Execution Algorithms - FXone Seabury increases its product spread

With Rosario M. Ingargiola, President and Chief Executive Officer of FXone Seabury Financial Solutions (SFS).

Rosario, where are you currently focusing your attention in the development of FX algorithms and in what ways is FXone looking to fill gaps and meet demand in the market that is not being addressed by other providers? We are starting with the standard set of algos that most of the Tier-1 banks offer, VWAP, TWAP, Iceberg and Float/Pegged algos, followed by much more advanced algos including order book placement algos with proprietary logic and machine intelligence.   Generally we are introducing more highly parameterized execution algorithms to provide greater control of the execution behaviour and flexibility in the way the liquidity access is managed.FXone is also making a big push into TCA. How important is it with TCA to evaluate the trading process rather than individual transactions in order to deliver more customised analysis focused around a client’s unique profile and trading activities? Post Trade TCA is key to the execution algorithms users to understand the “where”,...continued

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