Boris Fesenko  BJF Trading Group, Inc.
Boris Fesenko BJF Trading Group, Inc.

New models and methodologies: taking your automated FX trading to the next level

Popularity of automated trading systems has been constantly growing throughout the years. On the one hand, the reason of such popularity is that an automated trading system allows a trader to generate more trades (a robot allows to analyze more trading instruments and timeframes simultaneously) and excludes the psychological factor when making decisions. On the other hand, automated trading is popularized by brokerage companies and developers of trading platforms and trading systems.

Traders constantly improve their automated strategies: they make changes in their algorithms, optimize them, and add new filters; they also buy different trading strategies from third-party developers and make a strategies portfolio; sometimes they “rent” trading strategies from third-party developers and make a portfolio. The notion “rent” implies not only monthly payment for using a trading robot but also subscription to signals or membership in social trading networks. There are certainly many ways for traders to attain their trading goals. But there are three popular methods advanced and less experience traders can use to leverage an automated signal copier. Using an automated system developed by a third party This is the easiest path towards trade automation, as it entails copying a trading system created by a third party. This is also a potentially profitable method and it is common to see many public trading systems consistently posting profitable statements. Even then, the...continued

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