Simon Cox CEO of  Ariel Communications
Simon Cox CEO of Ariel Communications

Selecting an additional platform to MT4

According to recent research, around two thirds of brokers using MetaTrader4 either currently have a second platform or are considering using an alternative trading platform this year.

Simon Cox, CEO of financial trading software specialist, Ariel Communications explains this trend and highlights key areas to consider when deciding which second platform to deploy alongside MT4.
“In an increasingly crowded FX market, a broker’s brand and market position is a critically important differentiator. Although MT4 is currently the world’s most popular retail FX trading platform, it has limited customisation opportunities. This lack of customisation is likely to have been one of the key triggers for many retail brokers opting for an additional platform to MT4. In addition, an increasing number of brokers no longer want to rely on a single platform and are looking to strengthen their offering with an extra platform,” explains Cox.

Ariel’s iTrade platform is an advanced multi-asset trading system. Here Simon Cox explains why he believes that Ariel iTrade is the best second platform for MT4 brokers:

1. Differentiation – Ariel iTrade gives brokers the chance to differentiate themselves from competitors by offering their clients a unique, highly tailored user experience. This has proved to increase client engagement and retention.

2. Multiple Front-Ends
– The Ariel iTrade platform supports multiple front-end GUIs, allowing brokers to target specific customer groups with different asset classes, markets and front-end functionality. Brokers can opt to offer a simplified web front-end for first time traders and a fully customised, multi-windowed user interface for more sophisticated customers.

3. Tight MT4 Integration
– Brokers can monitor and manage their currency and market risk from one or more MT4 systems using the Ariel iTrade Risk Suite. They can mirror their MT4 user accounts in the Ariel iTrade platform to effectively manage client risk across both platforms. Using the Gold-i Gate Bridge, Ariel’s iTrade platform can be used as both a liquidity and a hedging venue.

4. Designed with the Broker in Mind
– Ariel iTrade’s middle and back-office is highly configurable, allowing brokers to fit the technology to their own unique business processes and workflows. Ariel has built the platform in full consultation with broker dealing desks and management to ensure that brokers can streamline their operations and maximise efficiency and profitability.

5. A Focus on Mobile – Ariel has a dedicated team of mobile/tablet UX designers and software developers to ensure that its clients stay at the forefront of the mobile trading explosion. Ariel iTrade ships with feature rich iPhone, iPad and Android trading apps that can be modified to meet a broker’s specific requirements and branding.

Simon Cox concludes, “Earlier this year we broadened our iTrade offering by launching it as a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. This means that our platform is now available to brokers of all sizes, whether they are just starting up or are firmly established with complex requirements.”

Ariel has been a market leader in developing FX software platforms since 1995 and provides financial institutions with everything from individual software components to entire trading platforms. These are available ‘off-the-shelf’ or ‘turnkey’, stand alone or seamlessly integrated within a customer’s existing system.

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