Tom Higgins CEO of Gold-i
Tom Higgins CEO of Gold-i

Smooth Operations: Outsourcing IT can help brokers to run MT4 more efficiently

Managing a MetaTrader environment is highly complex. It involves specialist knowledge to ensure that systems run smoothly at all times, even when you’ve left the office. From system updates and monitoring trade activity to ensuring there is sufficient memory, storage and bandwidth, it can also be very time consuming.

For brokers who need to supplement their in-house IT team, find a new way of offering 24 hour support or who simply don’t have MT4 expertise in-house, help is at hand from Gold-i, experts in MT4 integration.

Gold-i has recently launched a range of services to help the growing number of brokers who are seeking to outsource all or some of their IT requirements. As many brokers are discovering, this can also be far more cost effective than employing additional in-house IT staff.

Tom Higgins, CEO of Gold-i explains, “As specialists in this area, we are often asked by clients to provide differing levels of IT support to help run their MetaTrader environments. Some simply require an out-of-hours service to provide support when their in-house IT team is not available. Others do not have the IT skills in-house to support MetaTrader and are looking for a fully outsourced option.”

“In response to this, we have launched a range of support options to help clients with varying requirements to run efficiently at all times. In effect, we become the broker’s specialized remote IT team and can take responsibility for systems updates (Gold-i product updates, MT4 system updates and Operating System updates) as well as disaster recovery to enable a broker to continue to operate should an issue occur. Gold-i also manages and archives the files generated from using the MT4 system.”

Gold-i Managed Services

The recently launched options available are:

BRONZE: Available for customers that have their own in-house IT function but require second level support and out-of-hours cover

SILVER: All the functionality of Bronze but with pro-active monitoring of the customer’s systems and end-user training

Includes set up of MT4 servers, regular health checks and consultancy

PLATINUM: Aimed at larger brokers who want an unlimited Managed Service with a dedicated out-of-hours support number

Gold-i Hosted Services

Gold-i can also provide brokers with IT infrastructure advice and support and offers a Hosted Service, in partnership with FXecosystem, the market leader in FX outsourced connectivity, for brokers who do not have an in-house server. Using a combination of Gold-i’s Hosted and Managed Services, brokers’ software and hardware are supported 24x5.

Tom Higgins concludes, “An outsourced approach can be a much more flexible way of approaching IT support. Our services allow for rapid scalability – we can evolve the offering as our broker clients grow to help them with all stages of their business.”

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