The race to zero and beyond: harnessing the benefits of Microwave technology for high speed precision in FX trading

e-Forex talks to Dr Jock Percy, CEO of Perseus Telecom and Jay Lawrence, CEO of NexxCom Wireless about the application of Microwave communications technology in the FX trading environment.

 Dr. Jock Percy    Jay Lawrence Radio technology has been around for many years so why are increasing numbers of high performance FX trading firms now looking to use Microwaves in their trading networks? JP: FX trading firms are constantly seeking to mitigate risk and maximize profit by ingesting market information and executing trades quickly. The technology used to deliver that goal is not important so long as it is reliable, secure and available. Microwave connectivity (C, X, K Band), when built correctly, offers those characteristics and can delivers faster end to end signal speed than optical fiber. Therefore, microwave connectivity has become one of the options in the trader’s tool kit.JL: Wireless, commonly used for low latency include Microwave (6-40GHz) and Millimeter wave (60-90Ghz), has a fundamental latency benefit over cabled solutions; signals (data) can physically traverse a wireless PATH at the speed of light (~180,000mi/s) whereas the media...continued

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