Are you looking for smarter and faster FX Liquidity aggregation?

Technology is raising the bar in terms of smarter ways to aggregate connections to the large number of trade venues in the FX market. Frances Faulds talks to three leading providers to see what solutions are available.

The FX market can probably never achieve the same efficiency as the equities and derivatives markets in terms of price discovery and price dissemination but new technology is enabling firms to get smarter at aggregating the fragmented pools of liquidity in the FX market.  The move to the electronic world brings with it a higher level of transparency; hence the reason HFT and other institutional clients are demanding more and more competitive pricing, as well as visibility into a deeper market. Trading firms that are not able to dynamically manage their pricing and flow simply cannot compete, and will lose clients to the tier one banks and their single dealer platforms.  TradAir designs solutions that give financial institutions the ability to create new revenue layers and reduce costs, while enhancing and creating new client relationships using an end to end trading infrastructure from price creation and dynamic distribution to trading optimisation solutions. Illit Geller, Co-founder and CEO of...continued

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