By Raj Sitlani Managing Partner, IS Prime
By Raj Sitlani Managing Partner, IS Prime

Are you looking to further develop your CFD offering?

It has been our strong belief for quite some time that the CFD provider landscape is in need of a shake-up. There has been a focus amongst retail brokers in the recent past to try to diversify their product mix to include CFDs.

In order to do this, they find themselves in an uncomfortable position where they have to take a CFD feed from one of the large retail brokers who currently have a stranglehold on this market.  This means that small to mid-sized brokers are often having to put themselves in a position where they can be bullied by a competitor, their CFD provider.

IS Prime firmly believes in the concept of working as a partner to our clients, and it is with this in mind that we are announcing that we are developing an institutional CFD API to be offered to our broker clients, in conjunction with our market leading FX and bullion offering.  The intention is to launch this product at the end of Q3 or beginning of Q4 this year.

Our partnership with ISAM, the most diversified systematic hedge fund globally puts us in an unrivalled situation to be able to develop a product for which the market has been crying out for some time. Leveraging the global futures market connectivity already in place, we will be able to price pretty much any CFD on the most liquid futures contracts across the globe. It will also mean that we can provide CFDs on certain NDF currencies.

The product list will include:

•  CFDs on Global Indices (eg. Dax, Dow, FTSE, Nikkei)

•  CFDs on Global Commodities (eg. Brent Crude, WTI Crude, GasOil)

•  CFDs on Bonds (eg. Bund, Bobl, Schatz)

•  CFDs on NDFs (INR, CNY)

The academic skills and quantitative strengths that we have at our disposal in house coupled with ultra- modern technology will enable us to deliver very competitive bespoke pricing across the most popularly traded CFD products. 

We believe that we will empower our clients with a differentiating product that will also enable them to break free from being handcuffed to their competitors.

We welcome enquiries from institutional clients who are seeking to develop their CFD offering and on a case by case basis will work consultatively to provide a truly bespoke product.

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