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FXSpotStream, a subsidiary of LiquidityMatch, was formed in late 2011. It is a bank owned consortium operating as a market utility, providing the infrastructure that facilitates a multibank API and GUI to route trades from clients to Liquidity Providers. We talk to their CEO Alan F. Schwarz, about the company’s ongoing expansion, key staff and future growth plans.

From left: Matthew Berson, Alan F. Schwarz, Mark Reeves, Tara Maw, Dan SmithAlan joined FXSpotStream 4 years ago before the company was created. A little over 4 months after FXSpotStream was formed, the service was live at its first site out of New York, expanding to London and Tokyo in the ensuing 3 months. Alan’s diverse background and experience over the last 24 years involving technology, consortiums, 3 prior start-ups (including ICAP/EBS backed FX trading technology incubator TXC and bank owned fixed income platform BrokerTec), business transactions, and training as a lawyer have prepared him to lead one of the most innovative companies in the FX market today. Alan, why do you think FXSpotStream’s unique business model has proved such a success? It’s simple. Our business model solves a critical need confronting market participants – reduce the costs of execution. It eliminates for clients and reduces for banks the costs of execution. And, the cost savings realized by the...continued

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